Health by Whole Meals

I Do Dinner So You Don't Have To

Minna Hughes, Health by Whole Meals founder

A passion for finding joy through feeding others.

With a Midwest upbringing and a journalism degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia, Minna moved to New York City in summer of 2005 to develop her career-dreams of cooking, fine dining, and food writing. Through the Natural Gourmet Institute's intensive 619-hour chef-training program, she graduated with the skills to create holistic diets for others. This education is used to prepare whole foods-based menus focusing on clients' preferences and dietary needs. Minna shops at NYC greenmarkets and specialty health food stores to bring you the freshest, most natural and sustainable ingredients for your meals.


Specializing In:

  • Vegetarian Cuisine 
  • Gluten-free/ health-supportive baking
  • Working with nutritionist/holistic counselor/doctor guidelines
  • Adapting traditional recipes into more nutritious versions 
  • Knowledge of holistic healing diets
  • Cooking for clients undergoing cancer treatment/recovery
  • Osteoporosis, bone-builidng cooking
  • Elimination diets for food sensitivities/allergies
  • Pregnancy/post-pregnancy dietary restrictions and nutritional needs


Services include:

  • Meals cooked in your home kitchen on a weekly basis
  • Personalized menu planning
  • Food shopping, cooking, storing, cleaning up of kitchen
  • Dinner parties


The Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts chef-training program is accredited by ACCET.

Natural Gourmet Institute website


Please contact me for hourly and dinner party rates.